With their ultra-low latency, high reliability and ability for precise customization, private LTE and 5G cellular networks are a natural choice to power your smart utilities operations. But this vast technological potential comes with unique challenges, such as effectively managing the unprecedented scale of devices enabled by private cellular networks, tracking and securing the non-cellular devices in your network, and zeroing in on the exact cause of a network failure or service issue.

Rise above the challenge with OneLayer.

Say goodbye to the struggles of managing and securing private cellular network devices!

OneLayer’s unique real-time device identification and fingerprinting (OneID) technology bridges the gap between traditional asset management or IT security systems and the unique setup and protocols of cellular.

Easily discover, assess and secure all private cellular network utility sector devices, including:

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Smart meters

OneLayer - Private network security for hospitals - Dashboards

Smart grid sensor networks

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Substation automation equipment, including RTUs and IEDs

OneLayer - Private network security Dashboards

SCADA systems

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Mobile workforce devices

OneLayer - Private network security - App Dashboards

Drones and robotics

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Vehicle fleet telematics systems

With OneLayer, from one pane of glass you can:

Maximize operational efficiency of your private cellular wireless network

See the full picture of device connectivity, performance and quality of service. Highlight areas of inefficiency and potential for optimization. OneLayer is also an invaluable aid in comparing and evaluating the relative efficiency of different devices or vendors.

Eliminate blind spots as devices move from private to public networks

If your devices failover to a public network, do they disappear from your radar? No longer.
OneLayer tracks devices across networks, keeping them visible and manageable and enabling you to forecast public network charges.

Pinpoint private network failures and inefficiencies

Suspect a wireless technologies network issue? Track down the exact cause quickly with OneLayer. Go from network-level birds-eye view to device-level granularity in seconds and speed up your time to outage response and resolution.

Facilitate smooth, efficient network setup or migration

Currently in the process of migrating devices to a private cellular network? OneLayer’s granular asset details enable you to monitor the migration as it progresses and ensure every mobile device is present and connected.

See behind cellular routers

Track non-cellular assets at the device level with OneLayer’s device fingerprinting technology. OneLayer gives you visibility into the individual devices connected to your cellular routers – and the ability to control which devices can connect to your non-public networks.

Tracking and geofencing on the device level

Overcome the constant challenge of securing geographically dispersed assets. OneLayer enables you to lock devices with location-based connectivity policies, track assets’ geographic location and define responses to policy deviations.

Simplify securing assets in the field

Easily deploy Zero Trust segmentation policies on cellular and non-cellular assets. Create dynamic custom groups that allow an automatic policy for new devices. OneLayer’s platform also expedites compliance with NERC CIP, NIST, IEC, GDPR, ISO and other industry regulatory requirements, standards and security guidelines.

From the big picture to the smallest device – take charge of your utility’s private cellular network with OneLayer.

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