By embracing a device-centric approach, OneLayer seamlessly bridges the gap between networks,
solving challenges stemming from dynamic IPs, SIM swaps, private-public network failovers and Wi-Fi-cellular network transitions.


The Challenge in Securing and Managing Mobile Private Networks

Dynamic Asset Identifiers Change

Tackling the complex task of tracking OT/IOT technology assets amid dynamic IP changes, SIM swaps and ever-evolving asset attributes.

Cross-Network Lack of Visibility

Overcoming the obstacle of maintaining asset visibility across diverse networks, even in the face of network disruptions, failures, transitions from private to public networks and shifts between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Securing Non-Cellular Devices

Ensuring comprehensive real-time asset tracking and security for non-cellular devices seamlessly integrated into the private cellular network.

OneLayer’s Solution for private cellular network security and management

OneLayer Bridge ensures continuous visibility and remote monitoring of assets across all network types – from private and public cellular networks to IT and OT networks.


Precise Asset Identification

By gathering essential details such as cellular identifiers and capabilities, OneLayer assigns each asset a persistent OneID. This empowers seamless association across various network aspects, including policies and traffic alerts.


Seamless 3rd Party Synergy

OneLayer Bridge enriches 3rd party tools, including firewalls, CMDBs and SIEMs with valuable insights, enabling rapid threat response and consistent security policy enforcement across all networks.


Uninterrupted Asset Tracking

OneLayer ensures uninterrupted asset visibility, transcending network shifts and providing continuous oversight regardless of the connected network.

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