The Challenge

Monitor and control device location

As IoT devices multiply and physical control over enterprise devices can’t be assured, approaches like Zero Trust architecture become a necessity. Geofencing is required to enable specific location-based device policies, for example, alerts on devices connecting to the network from prohibited locations.

Eliminate physical access risk

While it’s difficult for a threat actor to walk into a secure enterprise data center and access a traditional enterprise system, climbing a utility electricity grid pole in an isolated location to gain physical access to an IoT device is much more achievable for a determined hacker.

OneLayer’s Solution

Leverage OneLayer’s location-based device tracking and automatic policy setting for improved security and enhanced operational efficiency.


Tracking and geofencing at the device level

Overcome the constant challenge of securing geographically dispersed assets. OneLayer enables locking devices with location-based connectivity policies using contextual device fingerprinting, tracking assets’ geographic location and defining responses to policy deviations.


Various location methods

Use multiple methods of tracking device location, including RAN, Core Location Server, GPS integrations and more.


Ease operations

Leverage visibility of where each individual device is located to streamline operations, such as collecting an asset for maintenance or sending a technician to check it in the field.

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