The Challenge

Blind Spots and Lack
of Comprehensive Visibility

Integrating non-cellular devices into a private cellular network can create blind spots that are invisible to standard network monitoring tools. These blind spots introduce potential vulnerabilities and security risks, requiring their elimination to maintain complete visibility and control over all network-connected devices.

Device Access

Inadequate built-in control mechanisms within routers require efficient identification of unauthorized devices upon connection and enforcement of security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

OneLayer’s Solution

Unlock the full potential of OneLayer’s unique solution to gain complete visibility behind cellular routers, dongles, hotspots, and more. OneLayer Bridge offers absolute control, visibility and uncompromising security for non-cellular devices within the private cellular network.



OneLayer ensures complete visibility within the private cellular network by identifying and fingerprinting devices behind cellular routers. This process eliminates blind spots, enhancing overall network security.


Tracking Non-Cellular Devices

OneLayer’s proprietary MAC-Lock policy correlates non-cellular devices’ MAC addresses to the router’s unique OneID. This capability allows OneLayer Bridge to actively track and promptly alert about any changes behind the cellular routers, such as unauthorized device replacements or connections.


Detection and Response

OneLayer Bridge rapidly identifies and responds to network changes, ensuring immediate action to prevent unauthorized device alterations behind the cellular routers. This swift detection and response mechanism preserves the network’s integrity.

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