Enterprise Grade Security Dedicated to Private LTE/5G Networks

Unleash the full potential of private cellular. Adopt existing security methodologies to this new type of network, without requiring any cellular expertise.

Our Mission

The desired standard of security for your private cellular network.

Private LTE/5G can be more secure, but most existing security solutions cannot truly protect the network, leaving it vulnerable to lurking threats.

We ensure that the best IoT security toolkit is implemented in your cellular environment.


Flexible. Adjustible. Non-intrusive.

Versatile architecture

Solution fits for on premise and cloud environments.

Software based solution

No additional hardware in your network.

Minimalistic processing

Network requirements that will not impact performance.


OneLayer for all your security needs

Full Asset Visibility

Real time visibility to all connected devices including device type, location, vulnerabilities, activity and inter-networks identities matching

Context-based Segmentation

Leverage device identification for automatic enforcement of corporate NAC policy for better security hygiene

Cellular Detection & Response

Detect anomalous behavior of devices and traffic to quickly respond and remediate misconfigurations and malicious activities

Zero-Trust Device Connectivity

Zero trust authentication while enabling automatic new devices admission and connectivity

Cybersecurity in our DNA, cellular is our passion

Built by world-class cyber security experts with a deep understanding of cellular protocols and IoT security needs.

Backed with advisors and partnered with leaders both in the cybersecurity domain as well as the telecom industry.

Join us in enabling the world’s transition to secured private LTE/5G networks