The Challenge

New Asset Identifiers

Private cellular networks introduce novel asset identifiers such as IMEI and IMSI, unfamiliar to traditional security tools in IT and OT networks, demanding adaptation for effective tracking.

Domain-Specific Asset Management

Conventional public cellular asset management tools fall short in the private cellular domain. Shifting from SIM card-based approaches to a device-centric framework is essential to ensuring accurate management and monitoring.

Anomalous Behavior

Ensuring each asset operates within its expected patterns is crucial for robust network security and monitoring.

OneLayer’s Solution

Leverage OneLayer’s visibility solution for detecting and preventing attacks,
ensuring robust network security while simultaneously optimizing asset management for streamlined operations.


Advanced ML Fingerprint Technology

Leveraging a proprietary Machine Learning (ML) fingerprint mechanism, OneLayer Bridge delivers unparalleled visibility within private cellular networks.


Distinctive Asset Identification

By gathering essential details such as cellular identifiers, fingerprints and traffic rates, each asset is assigned a unique and persistent OneID, facilitating seamless association across various network aspects, including policies and traffic alerts.


Rapid Threat Detection

With real-time asset analysis, OneLayer Bridge detects and responds swiftly to potential threats and security breaches in your private network..

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