Private cellular network segmentation: APNs are not enough!

Segmentation is a mandatory security practice in enterprise networks. As enterprises adopt private cellular networks, they look for effective segmentation solutions that align with their existing ...

Efrat Harari
By Efrat Harari, Product Manager
6 November, 2023
OneLayer Bridge Secures your private cellular IOT 5G network
Dave Mor
By Dave Mor, OneLayer CEO
20 September, 2023

OneLayer: Shaping the private cellular network revolution

When OneLayer was founded two years ago, private cellular networks were in operational infancy. It was early adopters and their innovation teams who were playing around with private LTE and 5G ...

OneLayer private network security for plants using private 5g
Dave Mor
By Dave Mor, OneLayer CEO
19 September, 2023

Navigating the Cellular Labyrinth: IoT Asset Management in Private LTE/5G Networks

In today's digitally transformed landscape, IoT (Internet of Things) asset management plays a pivotal role in revolutionizing how organizations oversee and optimize their physical resources. At ...

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