Securing IOT & Private LTE Utility

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Eyal Cohen, August 22, 2022

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Private cellular network segmentation: APNs are not enough!

OneLayer Bridge Secures your private cellular network

OneLayer Expands Its Private Cellular Network Security Solutions to Operations and Asset Management

OneLayer Bridge Secures your private cellular IOT 5G network

OneLayer: Shaping the private cellular network revolution

OneLayer private network security for plants using private 5g

Navigating the Cellular Labyrinth: IoT Asset Management in Private LTE/5G Networks

MWC GSMA CTIA - Onelayer

MWC LV 2023

Ubba event - OneLayer

UBBA Plugfest 2023


MWC Barcelona 2024

Distributetech - ONELAYER event


OneLayer Bridge Secures your private cellular IOT network 24/7/365 contact our hotline

OneLayer Launches Emergency Hotline for Private Cellular Networks

Securing IoT And Private 5G & LTE Manufacturing Infrastructure

Network ecosystem event - OneLayer

UTC 2023 Video: Securing Private LTE Utility Networks as a Device Plus Network Ecosystem

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Securing IOT and Private 5G & LTE Manufacturing infrastructure -2

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OneLayer Bridge ROI Calculator

Over 300% ROI for OneLayer Private 5G/LTE Device Security and Management Solution

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Anterix and Onelayer event UTC 2023


Enhancing security - with OneLayer

OneLayer Defense Sector

Manufacturing talk radio event with OneLayer

5G in Manufacturing – Now a ‘Must Have’

OneLayer Bridge and Ericsson Secure your private cellular IOT network

OneLayer-Ericsson Joint Solution Brief

Big 5G - Meet us - OneLayer


OneLayer Bridge

Introducing OneLayer Bridge™ a private cellular security solution

Securing IOT and Private 5G & LTE network - OneLayer

Why 5G/LTE network security needs a different approach

Fortinet- Meet us - OneLayer

RSA Conference

2023 Hannover Messe - Meet us - OneLayer


Live event Innotech 2023 - OneLayer

#CS4CA Houston

Live Demo CS4CA - OneLayer- Join us

#CS4CA Houston #2

OneLayer Cybersecurity 2023 award

Globee Awards Post

Live Demo CS4CA - OneLayer

#CS4CA Houston #3

OneLayer Bridge Product award

Product Award Post

OneLayer Bridge Secures your private cellular IOT network

Mac-Lock(TM) Article

OneLayer 5G Private Network security Anterix

OneLayer Integrates with Anterix Platform – Demonstration of Private Wireless Broadband Security for Grid Modernization

OneLayer event - secure private networks

MWC barcelona 2023

OneLayer MWC Barcelona 2023

MWC barcelona 2023

OneLayer MWC Barcelona 2023

MWC barcelona 2023

Fortinet and Onelayer private LTE 5G Security Solution

OneLayer-Fortinet Joint Solution Brief

OneLayer Growing use of IOT and Private Cellular Networks

Meet OneLayer: Dedicated to the Utility Industry

Traditional security tools for cellular networks

Meet OneLayer: Enterprise Grade Security Dedicated to Private LTE/5G Networks

OneLayer at S4X23


Navigating IOT & 5G secure connectivity Webinar

Unlock Manufacturing Potential – Navigating IoT & 5G for Secure Connectivity

One Layer Bridge Cyber Techglobal Tel Aviv 2023

Cybertech TEL AVIV

Meet OneLayer at Distibutech 2023

DISTRIBUTECH International

OneLayer Demo – SIM Swap Incident

IoT Speak through awards

OneLayer Named “IoT Startup of the Year” in 2023 IoT Breakthrough Awards Program

OneLayer Pente

OneLayer Partners with Pente Networks to Create Highly Secure Private Cellular Network Solutions

Securing IOT and Private 5G & LTE network - Cybersecurity 2023 OneLayer

Expert Predictions For Cybersecurity in 2023

Five reasons private mobile network Securing will ascend - OneLayer

Five reasons private mobile network security will ascend the CISO priority list in 2023

5G Israel hospital network - OneLayer

OneLayer’s Hospital Cybersecurity Project

Securing IOT and Private 5G & LTE network - OneLayer

How Utilities Can Securely Innovate with IoT and 5G

OneLayer Bridge Three challenges that undermine traditional security tools in the private cellular domain

Three Challenges That Undermine Traditional Security Tools in the Private Cellular Domain

OneLayer Bridge Secures your private mobile networks - the new enterprise security battleground

Emerging Attack Vectors and Techniques

Securing IOT and Private 5G & LTE network - OneLayer

Staying safe with 5G: The importance of cellular network protection

One Layer Bridge Agurre Summit 2022

AGURRE Paris Event

OneLayer Druid

OneLayer Announces Partnership with Druid Software to Provide Superior Security for Private Networks

OneLayer 5G Private Network security

OneLayer Opens 5G Security Lab for Network Security Companies to Research Threats to Private Cellular Networks

Securing IOT and Private 5G & LTE Network for electric grid - OneLayer

How eSIMs Help Distributed Renewable Energy Grids Find their Identity

One Layer Bridge UBBA Summit 2022

UBBAPlugfest 2022

Avishag Daniely VP Product - Enterprise 5G network security


OneLayer Bridge -Event picture

MWC Las Vegas 2022

OneLayer Bridge - Lets meet- Dave Mor CEO

InfoSec World 2022

OneLayer Securing the evolution to LTE-enabled utilty

Securing the Evolution of 5G-Enabled Utility Infrastructure

OneLayer Bridge - Transformational CISO Miami 2022 - Dave Mor CEO

Transformations CISO conference 2022

OneLayer Koch

OneLayer to Secure Koch Industries Private Cellular Network Site Alongside $6.5M Investment

Securing IOT and Private 5G & LTE networks for hospitals

Tech Keeps Us One Step Ahead Of The Hospital Hackers

OneLayer Bridge - Event

BlackHat 2022

Cellular network security - OneLayer

Cellular, IoT and enterprise security converge on private 5G networks, where the stakes are higher and the threats are bigger

Secure connected factory 5g

What Will It Take To Secure The Connected Factory

OneLayer 5G Private Network security Nokia

OneLayer Tapped to Secure Private 5G Networks at Two of Israel’s Leading Hospitals

OneLayer Bridge - Revolution in connectivity LTE 5G

Private Networks in a 5G World 2022

Securing IOT and Private 5G & LTE Manufacturing infrastructure

Why Different Solution Is Necessary For Private Cellular Networks?

Private Networks for enterprise - OneLayer

As private networks for enterprise IoT accelerate, a security gap is widening

Private Networks global forum - OneLayer

Private Networks Global Forum 2022: Security Panel

Threats to private cell networks

Where the Money Is: The Coming Threats to Private Cell Networks

OneLayer - CAN IT security solutions protect cell networks?

Can IT Security Solutions Protect Private Cell Networks?

UnderstandPrivate 5G LAN's in the enterprise

Understanding Private 5G LANs in the Enterprise

OneLayer - Seed funding

OneLayer Steps Out of Stealth with $8.2M Seed Round to Protect Private 5G Networks

OneLayer - How oneLayer plans to secure 5g networks

How OneLayer plans to secure 5G networks

New Security Standards for private cellular networks

Setting New Security Standards For Private Cellular Networks

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